Across the universe

Adrianna Papell Flutter-Sleeve Tiered Dress

(Adrianna Papell dress via Dillards

Put a call out across the universe and you never know who or what will answer. First the who. On Friday I was a little overcome with nostalgia – remembering Halloweens past. And out of the stars came an email from my friend Kristen. She too had wandered down memory lane and reached out to get in touch. After a challenging and full week, I spent a good part of my Friday night catching up with a dear friend. It was divine.

Now for the what. During a silly search for fashion hosiery (I loathe pantyhose but will grin and bear it if they look like this or this), I met my NYE dress (style pictured above in black). Sometimes you find what you want without even looking for it. It fits like a glove. It’s in a gorgeous colour (not black). And I will wear it on the last day of 2009. Yay!

On an unrelated note, I spent a bit of the weekend focusing on my fitness regimen. I also got back to my training diet from earlier in the year – which means some serious cutbacks on pasta. (That’s ok. I am rewarding myself with the ultimate pasta on my birthday. Check back November 20 for all of the delicious bits.)  The 15-Minute look-hot-in-your-jeans workout from the October issue of Women’s Health Magazine is a bit of a favourite. The sixth and eighth exercises are tough with a capital T. Have fun! I also landed on a pretty solid series for arms (which has three levels) to get me to my Michelle-Obama-arms. I don’t believe in this “get sexy arms in 4 minutes” crap. Come on. You gotta invest the time to get the results.

A special post is coming early this week. Meanwhile, have a wicked Monday!


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