Pumpkin Village

(Photo via Martha Stewart)

Weekend is upon us and that means pumpkins. Well it does for this weekend at least. I am on a mission to buy pumpkins and gourds of all shapes and sizes for my annual carving EXTRAVAGANZA. Halloween always reminds me of New York and Kristen. Boy do I ever miss her. We had the grandest Halloween together in 2005. We carved up about 6 pumpkins. And they were beautiful. We baked pumpkin and apple pies. I had the recipes to bake the pies and she had the vision to finish them. She cut a spider into the upper crust of the apple pie and stenciled a ghost in brown sugar on top of the pumpkin pie. Brilliant. We roasted pumpkin seeds. We made mulled cider. We handed out candy and invited friends over to partake. The whole thing was very Martha Stewart.  And only with Kristen could I achieve that. She was my “wife” – if I was to ever have one. (Now she is someone else’s.) We were quite a pair.

This year will be different. From that Halloween and last Halloween. No one will be stealing my pumpkins this year. (Who does that anyway? Seriously?) I’m excited to decorate the house and see the little kids in all their glorious spookiness. But first, we must have pumpkins.

Happy Friday!


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