Courage my love

Courage ee cummings

(Photo via Flickr)

Courage is the word of the day.

Picked up the recent issue of Women’s Health Magazine while at the airport the other day. It is one of my favourite magazines available at newsstands. It doesn’t make me want to scream like FASHION magazines do. Of course, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, they profiled Christina Applegate. She has a pretty extraordinary story and I can’t even imagine taking the steps she did once discovering breast cancer at age 37 (yes that’s right – 37 years old).

One of the best stories in the mag is the exclusive interview with First Lady Michelle Obama. Go read it. Whatever your politics are, one thing is certain: Michelle Obama is going to leave a very impressive mark on the world. She has the character of someone like Eleanor Roosevelt and I greatly admire that.

Another courageous individual I came upon recently – Anna Grace. This remarkably talented little girl is using her musicality to spread a little joy and inspire people to protect the planet.


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