The best ruse


The best ruse is a transparent one.

I missed my yoga class today. Bummer. It was raining and all of the construction has confused me so that I have no clue where to pick up transit in order to get where I’m going. I wasted $2.75 getting nowhere. Instead, I bought cupcakes at Yummy Stuff to cheer myself up. And I got a chance to snap this photo. So I can’t really complain. But I kinda want to….

I am busy working away and not letting this crummy afternoon spoil the goodness that filled my morning. Tonight I will make gnocchi for me and my darling. (I heart gnocchi). Then we’ll see what happens. I have been itching to get out to The Rex for jazz. I used to go all the time during my UNI days. I was so young and carefree then. Now I have real responsibilities! 🙂

Tomorrow morning I have a date with Jen and make up for my missed yoga class by adding on 30 minutes more. Then its back to the Peg and I will have to start all over again – with a new schedule. Bring it on!

Happy Friday!


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