85 days

85 Days

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85 days. That’s all that’s left of my “single” life. I get married in 85 days. That’s less than 3 months. This is an overwhelming reality. I have the busiest fall ever and a wedding to-do list a mile long. Boy oh boy. But the advent of a marriage is not overwhelming. It is just wonderful. Truly Mike and I feel as though we ARE married. We don’t make the distinction between pre-wedding and post-wedding. It’s not like once you get married they flip a switch and you magically “feel” married. No, that’s not how it works. But come January 1 we will be celebrating us – k&m – in a more formal way and adding a new title to our many.  Obviously, this is just our take on things and I guess we are among the few who look at relationships this way.

Case in point: At around 12:30am last night Mike came into the bedroom after the longest day EVER and said, “The nerve of some people.” Always a good conversation-starter. My interest was piqued. He launched into this whole back story about a work colleague who introduced him to a friend of hers back in December 2008 and since then, every time the colleague and the friend get together, the friend asks if Mike is “seeing anyone”. Each time, Mike’s colleague checks in with him to confirm that the information she is providing to her friend is up-to-date (i.e. that he does in fact have a girlfriend…still). Apparently the third time isn’t the charm, because yesterday they went through the whole rigmarole again. Never mind “girlfriend”, he said, “I have a fiance!” He was totally miffed as to how this couldn’t be  obvious to his colleague. Why bother confirming? He said, “I’m getting married in a matter of weeks and she was even invited to the wedding!” I guess some people just want to be EXTRA sure.

So all the wedding junk aside, what’s on for today? I am excitedly drafting an article for the Indo Canadian Telegram which will feature the Partnership’s Get Smart: A Guide to Safer Plastics. This is our debut article in an ethnic newspaper and I hope it is the first of many more to come.  I also have invoicing to do which makes me very happy, a report to finalize and a long-awaited email to send.

This evening we have a Book Club gathering complete with yummy food that I plan to prepare – wholesome goodness. This will be our final book selection of the year. Hard to believe we have only read 3 books. Who cares! No one’s counting!

Then I’m off to the inaugural Heads TO event down on Queen Street West. It’s got some edge to it and right now, that is totally up my alley.

Wishing everyone a great Thursday!


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