God must be a woman


I met up with an old friend, Quentin, in Yorkville last night. It’s amazing how much will change in a neighbourhood without you even realizing it. We met up at this little espresso bar called ZaZa which I didn’t even know existed. I got to hang out with Michele (from Italy) who set me up with a short espresso during my wait. We talked about condos in High Park. Random and yet so not random – if only you knew.

But the true discovery of the day hit me right between the eyeballs as I walked up Bellair. It was none other than Anthropologie. Obviously a new addition to Yorkville since I hadn’t thought Anthropologie would ever migrate across the border. Anthropologie – for those who have never experienced it – is what makes me think God must be a woman.  It is heavenly. Everything in the store – apparel, accessories, house wares, bedding, decor – is super feminine and wonderfully unique. I didn’t go up to the second floor of the store – I had already spotted three items on the main floor I could walk out the door with and I am not an impulsive shopper. So I restrained myself. I will leave the exploration of the second floor for next time. Delayed gratification.

I am conscious of how lame this post is since it is pretty much all about some pricey, yuppie-loved, pseudo-vintage shop. Whatever. It makes me happy to stand inside and look around. That’s all that matters. It’s pretty. See?


Latte Bowls


Fleur de Lys Dinner Plate

Wine Cellar Tea Light

I walked out of the store with an ampersand. That might seem incredibly weird to some people but not to me. It is an important symbol. And now I have my very own 3D version in zinc.


In other non-anthropologie related news, I came across a great blog called Zen Habits. I am LOVING the no-nonsense approach taken by blogger Leo Babautu toward simple productivity. I love the idea of leading a simple life. It seems so pure and honest. I am not simple though. In fact, I would suggest that I am the very opposite of simple. I lead an incredibly high maintenance lifestyle and as a person, I am surrounded by and co-create chaos at every possible turn. But I aspire to achieve simplicity. (Surely that must count for something.)

I was thinking yesterday about the natural world and how inexplicably complex it is. (This only furthers my belief that God must be a woman.) We will often look at a mountain or a lake as one whole when in fact, it is made up of numerous deeply connected components all functioning collectively to BE. If you isolate a component of the whole, the whole will cease to exist. Doesn’t that just blow your mind? So as much as I wish to be zen, I wonder if I start pulling at threads of myself, will I totally unravel?


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