Black Mums

(Photo from Nomsa)

Don’t you love mums? I think they are strong, intricate flowers – packaged perfection. Mums are fall flowers and incidentally, my birth flower (November). I bought these killer little black mum earrings off of Etsy (where else!) and am wearing them today. A little vintage. A little dark. A little fall. So great.

I am up to my eyeballs in work – primarily stuff for the Partnership. I am really trying to bulldoze through the piles on my desk. After this, I am determined to clean out my inbox. Too much clutter. Everywhere. Yikes!

The good news is that if I can be focused and get stuff done today then I get to reward myself with a SWIM. I have been running and strength training but am finding my muscles and joints to be a little raw. So swimming will be a lovely change. Wrapped up and cushioned by a liquid blanket. There is nothing better.

I used to be a WATER BABY. For many years I was drawn to water like a little fish. And then I stopped. But since Mike and I spent that one morning in Cairo in the hotel pool, I have been super excited about swimming again. Nothing works your lungs and heart like swimming and since my facial the other day managed to rid my skin of a large share of East Africa’s dust and dirt, I am looking forward to expelling it from my other major organs.

The weather is just beautiful right now. I know some folks (including my Dad – who is still wearing summer pants and no jacket) are not yet ready to leave summer behind. I had a long and full summer and am ready to let go of it. Fall is here so I say “embrace it!”  Dig out your scarf and gloves. Throw on a light wool jacket and step out in shoes that cover your whole foot ok? If you do, then you will get a chance to actually enjoy the season. If not, you might miss it altogether. Don’t miss it!


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