Organized chaos

Cynthia Warren Display

(Photo from Cynthia Warren Design)

Well it’s here. That instinctive itch in my whole body that tells me it’s time to ORGANIZE. To free myself of the stuff that is weighing me down and make room for new, reclaimed or revalued priorities.  Sometimes this takes the form of intangible ideas and sometimes it takes the form of physical clutter.

People often ask me how I maintain routine and a modicum of sanity. Well I am constantly trying to establish a routine. But when you can only follow one for 2 weeks at a time before the universe flips everything on its head, then it isn’t so much routine. For now, I have priorities. Which change. All the time.

At this moment, I am careening towards revaluing – time and space. I am craving TIME with people I enjoy. So I have made an immediate decision to reconnect and jump into joyful chatter with a few people I haven’t seen or heard in too long. Then there is this really wonderful person who I always want to hang out with and miss dearly. So I’m making HIM and ME – together – a top priority. Without him, there is no k&m. In fact, without him there is no & at all.

Next, I need to make room – in my brain, first and foremost. There are a whole bunch of little projects and ideas that are cluttering my mind. Now is the time to set them in motion or discard them. Cut throat, I know. But necessary. Then there is the matter of clearing space. I have discovered that I am a HOARDER. I hoard. I never thought this would be true since on a bi-monthly basis I tend to purge something in an effort to renew. But there are two things I hang on to – tightly. Paper and clothing. Paper is everything from piles of receipts not yet sorted to piles of stationary and cards collected or saved to piles of books still unread.  I see this clutter – even though it is hidden on book shelves or tucked in filing boxes. Out of sight. But not out of mind. It’s time to face it. (And if possible, make it look really pretty like Cynthia Warren does in the above photo.)

Clothing is a tougher one. I don’t have a ton of it but I hang onto things from season’s past that I hope to wear again but know deep down – I will never. The reason I do this is because it is my hope to once again fit into many of these once-loved and well-worn items. The irony is that I now can fit into them – but I don’t think I really want them. So what are they doing in my closet and drawers?

Since January of this year, I have lost over 15lbs. Yes it’s true. My black pants – the only ones I could find that fit me comfortably a year ago – are now so big (and long) that I actually have to roll them up at the waist. Hardly a fashion statement. It’s time to let go and hand stuff over to others who can put them to good use.

Yep, it’s time to organize the chaos that is ME.


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