Wow – Friday already. I am madly trying to get through a grant application for the Partnership and still attempting to catch up on emails that piled up in August. Boo. It looks like I am in for a working weekend.

My mom and dad are back from Portugal and brought a pile of goodies. If I had my camera in working order, I would surely show you.

Inspiração means inspiration in Portuguese. I got this great calendar for 2010 with beautiful quotes (in Portuguese) from Paulo Coelho’s  books. I guess there is some good juju in store for me in the universe because Paulo Coelho’s name has floated up in my consciousness about three times in the last couple of days. Don’t you love it when that happens? I do. And yes I am already looking ahead to 2010. In fact, 2010 is going to be a glorious year for me. I’m going to make it so.

Today we’re going to mix it up. I am attending an information session on behalf of Options for Success for a new pilot project – the Newcomer Welders Project. It’s not really a pilot. It’s actually a program derived from the best components of the highly successful WIN Project. But shhhh don’t tell anybody. Government only funds “pilot” projects. And for the 22 newcomer welders who have been patiently waiting to get some gap training and workplace language support so that they can actually get hired here in Canada as welders instead of cleaners or dishwashers or machine operators, this distinction is very important.

Then I have a little pit stop to make to pick some art from Kal Barteski – including a very special piece that will serve as a birthday gift for a very, very special person. To wrap up the day, I think I will go for a run. Nothing says “running” like new songs on my ipod.

Happy Friday!


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