Trifecta of possibilities

Real Tools for the Real World

It is here – a brilliant trifecta of possibilities – for you. We (the Options for Success team) are launching our Real Tools for the Real World workshop series. The whole impetus for this workshops series was a desire on our part to stop messing around with valuable but theoretical formats that ONLY discuss how to catalyze change in our homes, relationships, workplaces, and lives but don’t fill the gap in actually equipping people to do it. (Wow that’s a really long sentence…) This workshop series is designed for the active learner who wants tools that they can use in the practical world not just the theoretical world. 🙂 Expect to see an email from me shortly with more info. Meanwhile click the link above and check it out.

Today is a super busy day. I have a lunch date with Josh and plenty of work to get off my desk. Then off to Tiber River for a relaxing facial. Still trying to get all of the Mt Kili alpine desert dust and dirt out of my pores. The house is in need of a big tidy up and then late tonight – I am off to the airport to pick up my parents from their recent trip to Portugal.  The puppies will be ecstatic to have their mom and dad back.


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