The right path

On the Right Path

I have been proverbially laying lots of little stepping stones over the past two weeks. Fall is here as of Monday and things are really gearing up. I have been focusing about 50% of my time on Partnership work. We have hosted our first gathering of the new Aboriginal/Community Economic Development constellation and just started up a Public Policy constellation. We have renewed 0ur strategic direction for the next year which is helping me to draft a grant proposal. The Train-the-Trainer workshop appears to be a reality for the new year. Now is the time to ride this wave of MOMENTUM.

I have also been working with my mom and uncle on developing these AWESOME public workshops that Options for Success will be runing in October and November. We are offering two Deep Democracy workshops, one Change the World at Work workshop and something new called Keep Calm and Carry On. We are looking forward to widely marketing this Real Tools for the Real World workshop series…starting Monday.

Finally,  I have re-committed myself to being active. I find that the more active I am the more energy I have (um duh!) and the more I can do in each and every day. Little over-achiever that I am. So we (as in the royal ‘we’) are running, swimming, and strength training. Possibly going to throw in a little yoga as a treat. Possibly. We shall see.


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