It’s all about the shoes

 Valentino Shoes

I must say that of all the things I dislike about the wedding industry, the shoes have got to top the list. Most of the shoes I have seen classified as “bridal shoes” are either downright ugly or totally blah. And worse yet, you are still charged a minimum of 75 bucks for them. What’s with that? No, I simply won’t buy into the whole bridal shoe SCAM. I want FABULOUS shoes! Ones that I will wear again. With colour. And sex appeal. Is that so much to ask for? Really?

Since I will be wearing my mom’s dress with some minor major alterations, the dress is pretty much a done deal. It is very special that I am able to wear her dress. There is lots of good juju surrounding this dress. Happy people and happy marriages.

Wearing my mama’s dress is not only a sentimental decision – it is a practical one. It’s a dress you wear for one day. ONLY one day. Do I want to spend months of my precious time searching for the so-called perfect dress and then drop $3,000 for it to wear for approximately 6 hours? Um no.

Sometimes I watch Say Yes to the Dress just to shock myself (kind of how some people watch horror films to scare themselves) by the crazy behaviour surrounding choosing the right dress. The family dramas and appalling expensive tastes of many of the brides BLOWS MY MIND. The other day there was a Say Yes to the Dress marathon on and I actually had to sit down after one bride got her “dream” dress paid for by her mom. The total: $14,000. Let’s just say that’s more than what we have budgeted for our ENTIRE wedding.

Anyway, so for me, it’s really all about the shoes. I have a few ideas…(none of which include Manolo Blahnik, Valentino, or Christian Louboutin…just to be clear)

Stuart Weitzman Gigi Shoes

Martinez Valero Brit Heel 

Paris Hilton Galla Evening ShoesNina Shoes Elga Dress Sandal

…but no real leads. The search for the perfect shoe begins.


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