Gong show revisited

 Worst Dog Owner

Despite my best intentions, blogging this week has not surfaced to the top of my huge steaming pile of WORK. But I did get the iP blackboard for September up FINALLY.

So other than work, what has been filling my time?

Well yesterday was the gong show revisited. I think I ended up being in the office for a total of 1 hour in between 10:30 and 4:00pm. I had meetings, managing other people and their work, driving out to doctor’s appointments that didn’t end up happening and so on.

I returned to the house only to find that one of the dogs (LASSIE) had thrown up EVERYWHERE. So before I could do anything else I had to tackle the clean up. The second everything was spotless again, the other dog (KHATINA) came in from outside with her own mess all over her bottom. I grabbed her with my outstretched arms so as not to dirty my white top and plunked her in the laundry room sink to give her a bath. After a few minutes of scrubbing and rinsing in the bath, I then had to brush and blowdry her. Thirty minutes later, I was exhausted and just waiting for the next mishap.

The whole sick dogs episode was entirely my FAULT. I was adding a teaspoon of cottage cheese to their morning food. Generally, cottage cheese is good for their digestive systems because it has healthy bacteria. I say generally because this no longer holds true if the cottage cheese is passed its expiration date. Oh boy. I totally messed up. How could I not check the expiration date? You can only imagine how bad I felt. Worst dog owner in the world. 

Fortunately this morning everyone was feeling like their old selves again. Khatina was in such good spirits that she was back to terrorizing birds and squirrels. (Of course, by terrorizing, I mean excitedly chasing after them in a fun game of tag.)

I have some exciting news coming about Project Tanzania 2009. I have two wedding posts too. Patience please. They will appear shortly. Meanwhile, have a great weekend!

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