So it’s been crickets around the BLOG world lately because I have been trying to get back in the groove in the REAL world. Things are coming along.

Today is the first day back to school for all the kiddies out there. And there is something awesome about that. It makes you feel like FALL is in the air. And boy do I LOVE fall. D’you know why? Because after FALL is WINTER. Ooooh. 

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. So back to FALL…. Everyone’s getting in the spirit. See? Ideal Bite sent out this great recipe this morning for a groovy fall-inspired pasta recipe. (Note: If you want to make it vegan – swap the ricotta cheese for some tofutti cream cheese.) I love gnocchi. So good.

As part of the new groove, we are tossing in more routine morning runs and even a few laps at the pool. Plus I am turning the whole night owl thing on its head. Sunshine is the new black and there is nothing better than watching the sun rise over Winnipeg.

Apples are especially groovy this season and my folks have the biggest, most bountiful green apple tree in the backyard. Mmmmm. I smell APPLE PIE. These apples are big, sweet, juicy and organic. We have bags and bags of these apples collected so if you are in the market for some, let me know. FREE apples! Come and get them.

A few more posts are in the works. There was a lot going on last week and so much more to share. Check back tomorrow.


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