Cotton in Cairo


After grueling and unnecessarily long flight(s) from Kili airport in Tanzania through Khartoum in Sudan to Nairobi in Kenya and then finally Cairo in Egypt – we finally made it to the hotel at around 12:30am. We were greeted by very happy and hospitable Egyptian faces at The Fairmont Towers Heliopolis – our much awaited (and if we can say – deserved) oasis in the desert. We were greeted with “welcome back” by everyone at the concierge desk and our bags were ushered to the door of our lovely room. On the desk, a note addressed to Ms. Kristle Calisto-Tavares (that would be me) sat  – from The Fairmont Towers management again welcoming us back to the establishment and wishing us a pleasant stay. It was hand-written and a much appreciated gesture.


After feeling especially warm and fuzzy inside, I slipped on equally fuzzy cotton slippers and a robe a size and a half too big and fell onto the comfy bed. Wow. After nearly three weeks of one whirlwind adventure after another, I was in the ideal home away from home.

Since that moment almost 48 hours ago, Mike and I have indulged ourselves in everything from Egyptian coffee and delectable desserts to room service and hours by/in the pool. I guess – although I can’t be sure never having had one – this is what a honeymoon is supposed to be like. Now we are on our way home via Turkey and will soon resume our somewhat less indulgent lives. Of course, I still have plenty of stories to tell…and I fully plan to but the R&R experienced in Egypt has done this prairie girl a world of good – so that in turn, I can continue to do the same for others.


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