August Photos 020

We arrived in Kili after a crazy night of flying. Apparently our flight was not a direct one from Cairo to Nairobi. We stopped in Khartoum to drop off and pick up passengers. I got ZERO sleep by the time we arrived in Nairobi to transfer to our toy airplane ride into Tanzania. We were on the fligth with a youth leadership group called Insight Seminars from California. A great group of kids one of whom – Elliot – was sitting next to me and very eager to learn about what we were doing in Tanzania. His group fundraised for 7 months (a total of $100,000) to help refurbish a school in Moshi and do service work at the attached orphanage. He was excited. And if I had had a least a wink of sleep and wasn’t so grotesque and tired, I would have been excited too. I felt badly as he obviously wanted to chat. I just wanted to sleep. Anyway, once we arrived I spotted my first mosquito and remembered that we needed to take our next anti-malarial pill. All of this should have happened right after we arrived but unfortunately, our detour to the bank took over an hour. It was then that I realized – just as we will need to acclimate as we hike up each level on Mt. Kili – I need to get used to the fact that I am in Tanzania. Uh. Yeah. Toto, we’re not in Canada anymore.

There are so many beautiful things to share about Tanzania. In the few hours we have been here, I have already learned more than I could imagine. But now, we really have to finish packing and sleep so that we can start our climb tomorrow with bright eyes and smiles. More to come in five days.


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