Tea for 3


48-HOUR Recap: We’ve been hustling and bustling around here for the past couple of days. My uncles stopped in Toronto on their way back from Portugal so Wednesday and Thursday were full of good conversation, travel stories, sitting on the balcony, eating, and touring the city. In other words, NO work got done. Unless you count HOUSE work in that….which I don’t.

Wednesday night after a pick-up at the airport, I gave the grande tour de la maison and then we headed out for a bite at Fat Cat Wine Bar so that everyone could get acquainted. We got to hear about Portugal’s progressive moves toward sustainability, stewardship and economic development. The Oceanarium in Lisbon is perhaps the most exciting addition to the city – made in recent years. There are four separate yet connected acquatic ecosystems that span two stories in height and are designed to mimic the various habitat and communities of the four oceans on earth. Very cool.

Thursday we got up, had breakfast on the balcony and headed off to The Waterfront to stretch our legs. That started us off on a full day of walking and exploring. Since my uncles have travelled to Toronto before and will continue again, I thought it would be nice to show them a bit of the neighbourhood and nearby communities. So we walked through High Park to Bloor West Village and then had an eventful bus ride down to Parkdale and a hop on the streetcar took us out to Queen St West where we had TEA.


The Red Tea Box is a lovely and eclectic Asian tea room. It is one of those treasured Toronto finds that only Toronto could have.  We sat outside of the coach house under a perfect pear tree.


We drank tea – hot and iced and ate delectable desserts. The one pictured above was a chocolate red velvet soy truffle cake. Yum. This beautiful lotus-inspired cake below was filled with chocolate and hazelnut. A work of art.


Back to today: Busy, busy, busy day. A lot has got to get accomplished which is why I got an early start. Looking forward to finalizing some important reports and finish up the hurried errand running and packing so that come Sunday night I can happily RELAX. I hope to sneak in at least one more post before we leave for Cairo on MONDAY!

Have a great LONG weekend!


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