Friday I’m in love


It’s Friday! Time to turn up The Cure and inject a little internal sunshine into this gray day. As with everyday, this one deserves a big slobbery kiss. Today’s kiss is courtesy of a little pink tongue attached to my favourite Chinese canine.


Friday started with an unusual discovery – a ladybug floating in Mike’s cereal bowl (left out from last night – yuck!). After a quick rescue from the sink, I was ready to fill up on GREEN tea. I have run out of most every other kind because I have been drinking so much. I miss coffee dearly. But it is far too acidic for me to drink right now with a mouth full of canker sores. Ow.

To cheer myself up, I am baking chocolate chip banana bread to take on our rock climbing excursion tomorrow. We will have a bit of a drive out to Milton first and then a full day of learning the ropes. It has been over a decade since I rock climbed so good thing that there is plenty of instruction. Plus the whole act of climbing up high pushes the boundaries of my phobia of heights. It is a good way to challenge yourself to overcome your fears or at least, push back when they try to get in your face.

On a lighter note, Mike and I watched this great documentary last night. It’s called Frontrunners. I was thoroughly engaged through the whole thing. It is very high school but in a good way.

Happy Friday!


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