Rollercoaster ride


Weekend recap: This weekend had its moments…that’s for sure. It was a bit of a rollercoaster though – plenty of ups and downs. I am generally not a fan of rollercoasters. They make me naseous plus I am a closet acrophobe. Shhhh don’t tell anyone. I generally fake it pretty well.

Anyway, Saturday started out in the best way. UP: Home brewed coffee with yummy croissants and fruit. Mike rolled out of bed and joined me out on the balcony for some breakfast and conversation about religion and God (not generally a breakfast topic but a funeral Mike attended last week left him with some things that needed to be said).  DOWN: I got it in my head that Mike and I could head to the waterfront for a run. I had hoped I would be able to run at least 7.5 k in 1 hour. It was the WORST run ever. I sucked LEMONS!  I nearly gave up on the whole thing. UP:  Immediately after my run, I had only enough time to hop in the shower, blend a protein shake and head to meet Olga, my newcomer mentee. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks but was so thrilled with her progress on the TOEFL practice tests. DOWN: On Sunday morning, I woke up with the most insatiable idea: vegan brunch at Fressen followed by window shopping on Queen St West. The only problem was that upon arrival at Fressen, we discovered they were closed. No weekend brunch until August. BUMMER. We made the attempt to at least grab a bite at Fresh. But their scrambled tofu left much to be desired. DOUBLE BUMMER. UP: Our book club gathering on Life of Pi, although not well attended, was pretty awesome! Great discussion. Even yummier food.  UP: After that, I headed down to Carol’s apartment to visit with the new kittens she is fostering through Abbey Cats. One of which is pictured above. All girls and very CATTY. They love to torture each other. It was actually pretty cute but for the few moments of clawing each other’s eyes out.

Back to today: The plan is to get everything on the right side of my white board – about 10 big tasks – accomplished. We’ll see how it goes. This week is going to ROCK and ROLL.


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