Silver lining


Every cloud has a silver lining. Take for example Pixar’s short film PARTLY CLOUDY. Love it! If you need to take a few minutes in your day to smile, this 6-minute film is a good place to start. Sometimes just looking UP into the sky will make you smile. I am all about SKY. I am from the prairies after all which is endowed with the biggest sky ever. It goes on forever. Every city or country I travel to is judged by its sky. If it has a big beautiful sky with fluffy white clouds then I know I could feel at home there. If not, then “Hasta luego!” The clouds are what tell me that one day (some day) I will live in France. I fell in love with France because of its sky. And one day, I can picture myself living in St- Remy-de-Provence or Tarascon.

As for today, I have work to get done here in Canada under a shrunken sky (that still has its moments).


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