Weekend recap:  Saturday morning unfolded beautifully. I am not sure I totally appreciated it at the time but after further reflection, I can see how awesome it really was. I rolled out of bed at a decent hour, grabbed some coffee, hung out with my parents and soaked up as much of my canines SWEETNESS as possible. Then I got on a flight to head back to TO. It was easy-peasy because I managed to purchase the Explore Canada Pass through Air Canada which has totally simplified my travel coordination. My pass requires that I fly on a Tuesday or Saturday but it does not restrict which flight times. So for the first time in probably a decade, I was actually able to afford to fly at a reasonable time during the day. Folks – I don’t work for Air Canada. I’m not even sure I really like Air Canada but I highly recommend this pass.

So I strolled into Pearson Airport at 2pm (as opposed to the usual 6am or 10pm) and then we were off in search of patio furniture. What should have been a 30 minute outing turned into a 2 hour expedition. Needless to say, we eventually walked away with the floor model of the 8-Piece Rendezvous Patio Set and the rest, as they say, is history.


I am pleased to say that this was an excellent purchase because thus far, we have made use of our new furniture everyday since we got it. It arrived not a second too soon because Sunday night was the Sprout playdate and there were seven of us out here enjoying a smorgasbord of food and excellent conversation. The sky Sunday night was extraordinary (although I know this photo doesn’t really capture it). The whole playdate was a BLAST! It was relatively stress-free compared to other events hosted at the Geoffrey House. I believe there are two main reasons for this: 1. It was a potluck. So much less work for me. 2. Mike and Peter did an excellent job of cleaning the house before I returned. I must give them props because with the exception of a few spot cleaning jobs, everything was in good enough order for visitors! 

This week: We are back to our regularly scheduled programming. More to come!


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