Posh balcony

 Love this balcony

(Photo via Desire to Inspire)

Week in review:  Between travel planning, running, preparing invitations, report writing and meetings, this week has been chock full of emerging opportunities, happy news and general GOODNESS. Now THAT is my kind of week. I am super exhausted. I discovered that running in the evenings was totally cramping my sleeping style and causing me to be way too wired and tense. We fixed that yesterday though and now I am sleeping like a baby.

Back to today:  Today is going to be all about wrapping up reports, dropping off important info to a funder, finishing off labels and packing. We have a bit of shopping to do and then a mani-pedi at Tiber River.

This weekend: I head back to TO and we are going to finally set up the balcony so that it is usable. I love the photo above but let’s be real – it won’t look anything like that. Perhaps in the future though.  Got to clean the house too because I am hosting the Sprout playdate on Sunday eve. Can’t wait to meet all the GTA-based e-mentors participating in this course.

Have a great weekend!


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