Our wedding invitations have gone out this week. This closes one big chapter in the whole wedding planning process. You see – it doesn’t make much difference whether you are inviting 2 people (my dream wedding) or 2000 (somebody else’s nightmare). The steps are the same.

I like to do the steps differently so here is my take on wedding invitations. Three main principles formed the foundation for all wedding-related planning including this piece.

  1. Make it work for the planet.
  2. Make it work for our guests.
  3. Make it work for us.

We worked with Yoko Chapman of VERT in Winnipeg to ensure these three principles were met. She and her team did a fantastic job.

  1.  The product we went with is 100% post-consumer recycled paper (i.e. NO TREES – the material is derived from the junk in your blue box) and printed with soy-based inks (i.e. no toxic chemicals). The black matte and envelopes were the only items less than 100% post-consumer recycled.
  2. Given the nature of our wedding and as a courtesy to invitees, we sent out Save the Dates about 8 months in advance. If folks wished to attend, they then had sufficient time to make arrangements. With our invitations, we included a travel insert for only those without internet access and an RSVP postcard (no envelope).  For those not receiving travel inserts, all info went up on the wedding website.
  3. We tried to incorporate creative elements that worked for us. We LOVE the black & white colour scheme, the elegant filigree design, the English and French bilingual text and my mom’s beautiful calligraphy on the envelopes.


One thing I firmly believe in is that invitees are guests and should be treated as such. It should be considered a privilege that people close to you would attend your nuptials and share in your wedding celebration. Weddings are – if nothing else –  impositions and the mere presence of an invited guest at your wedding should be acknowledged and cherished. For our wedding, we know that many will not be able to attend for various reasons. That is why, rather than giving guests only yes or no as options on the RSVP card, we offered a kinder sentiment – “Be there in spirit.” And for those who can attend, just wait and see what I have in store as a welcome for you. It’s going to be lovely!


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