Good fortune


Weekend recap: Let’s see. What a fabulous weekend! Saturday we spent some of the day hunting around for sinks. Bathroom renos are nearly through but it has been of utmost importance to find the right sink and vanity. After that, we stopped at Chapters to pick up a Swahili phrasebook and a guide to Istanbul.

Judy and Charlie came over for dinner – as did my grandma. We had lots of interesting conversation. One story took the cake though. Since landing in Winnipeg last week, Judy and Charlie have been exploring the city together. That included grabbing a bite of Chinese food for dinner the other night. Judy got to enjoy a classic Canadian Chinese food experience complete with fortune cookies. When presented with the fortune cookie she asked, “What’s this?” 🙂 Ah so fortune cookies are a China Town not China export.

Sunday was a good news day all around. I ran 7.5kms in under 1 hour. I am getting better everyday. Only a few months until the half marathon. RUN RUN RUN. I got some very good news from Toronto Hydro. We have chopped our usage in half. Down from 3100 KwH to 1600 KwH. Good job us! More good fortune next week.

Happy Weekend from me and the dogs!



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