Everyone loves a good motto. Even the not-so-good ones are well liked because of whatever meaning you personally asign to them. Today’s motto is brought to you by Khatina – my furry rebel. Her motto is: GRAB A BALL AND PLAY. In the photo above, you can see that she is armed and ready to play. And if you think that flimsy screen door is going to prevent her from roaming the big backyard, you are WRONG. Khatina is quite industrious. She discovered that by clawing at the screen door she could tear it. Voila! Instant “doggie door”.

Lassie’s motto is generally GET OUT OF MY YARD OR I WILL EAT YOU. Maybe that isn’t as much a motto and more a warning. But it is definitely a philosophy she lives by. Ok and she won’t really eat you but she will bark really loudly at you and make you wish you were deaf.


As for my motto, today it is STRETCH. Stretch your LEGS. Stretch your MIND. Stretch your SELF. STRETCH.


Things are chugging along here at just the perfect pace. Afterall, today is Friday and that means WEEKEND.


One thought on “Motto

  1. Funny! Very cute commentary on the mottos.

    I love the line, “it’s whatever meaning you personally assign to them,” because that’s what just happened to me when I came up with “miles per moment.”

    Thanks for the fun read and adorable pics. (and the reminder to STRETCH!)

    ~ Bonnie

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