True north


Yesterday’s recap:  Great scott! Yesterday was the last day of June. The month just disappeared right before my eyes. I think June 30 was easily the best day of the month.

I was quite productive. I picked up my wedding invitations and seeded paper for our “alternative wedding shower” invitations. I ran this errand and that one. It was good. Plus I facilitated a Partnership meeting which went splendidly. We covered a huge agenda. And made some great headway! I love the path we’re on. There is so much opportunity to have an immediate impact on the community’s ability to protect their kids.

It was also my parents’ anniversary yesterday and to honour this momentous occasion I gave them a matching gift. The Keep Calm &  Carry On framed posters pictured above reflect an excellent philosophy in life. There are plenty of ups and downs in life that can agitate and toss you out of your happy place. I say don’t let them. Shrug it off and keep smiling. I thought my parents might do well to have this philosophy sit on their desks at work – as a reminder to them and their clients.

Later on, my Uncle Charlie and Aunt Judy arrived at Winnipeg International Airport from Vancouver. They flew all the way from Shanghai, China and are embarking on a new journey in Canada. Judy has never lived anywhere but China so moving to Canada is a big deal. But she is very keen to jump right in to the fray. I can already tell that she is going to do so well here. 

Back to today: The Calisto’s have decended on the Wpg airport this week as Manny & Brad left this morning for Toronto and then Sao Miguel. And my godparents also left this morning for Toronto for a short trip. So it seems as though everyone will be spending Canada Day in Toronto except for me. But that’s ok because I got to spend some quality time with the dogs this morning – as they sunbathed on the steps.


For the rest of the day, I intend to be outdoors. Even if that means sitting in the gazebo with my laptop working away. I cannot resist the sun.

In honour of Canada’s birthday, I leave you with a very Canadian ditty by the Arrogant Worms. Enjoy and Happy Canada Day!


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