Weekend recap:  Friday night was a blast! Mike and I went over to Jen & Mike’s condo for a champagne and cupcake party. On our way, we caught a glimpse of the CN Tower. From June 19 to 28, Toronto celebrates Pride. And on Friday night the CN Tower was all lit up in solidarity.

At Jen’s Birthday Bash we met a great group of people and got to view the beginnings of Jen’s Bounce Book. She had asked people to submit reflections or inspiration that she could read on days when she needs a pick-me-up or a “bounce”.  Some of the cakes at the party were from an old favourite, Red Tea Box. They look like a rainbow of soft, sugary wrapped gift boxes.

Red Tea Box Cakes

(Photo via Flickr)

Saturday was a pretty busy day of cleaning, laundry and packing. A couple of cats escaped from my  future mother-in-law’s apartment so we went in search of them. Fortunately, by the end of the weekend, both had returned. I think they had quite an adventure!

Sunday, back in Winnipeg, bathroom renos are in full swing and we had a few family outings. Later on, I headed to the Forks – for dinner with Sanela. The weekend seemed to fly by.


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