Try to keep up


As you might have guessed things are pretty darn busy. I am beginning to sound like a broken record. I know. But here it is…all that is going on…in the shortest possible version. Try to keep up.

So last week was fun. And sort of hard to believe. You will see why in a minute…

  • There was a lot of progress made on the Children’s Health & Environment Partnership website (yay policy!) and constellations. We are striking two incredibly important constellations – one designed as a forum for immigrant service providers to identify strategies on conveying children’s environmental health info to newcomers. Some of these strategies may also include contributing feedback for resources to ensure they are plain-language and accessible. The other constellation is aimed at addressing gaps in information and dissemination within the Aboriginal community. Both of these constellations have several threads in common. The most important one being that they are both challenged by limited incomes. One of the services I hope the Partnership can provide is research and recommendations on baby and consumer products that are available at discount retailers. This could be a HUGE step in the right direction for us.
  • I LOVE connecting with people and last week was a really good time to catch up with old friends. I met up with Simon who I probably haven’t seen in over 3 years. Can that be? Anyway, he is up to great technological things – most of which I am sure I would never care to understand the mechanics of. He has this new creation called Ohpan. Check it out. You will think it is very cool.
  • It has been fun using the TIG online community to read about the work of young change agents, make friends, find thought-provoking events and share a little of my own community innovation. Additionally, my role as an e-mentor for Sprout is really whetting my appetite for meaningful social change projects. I am SO excited to support my mentee Chely – from the Philippines – in her work.
  • After a full week of brain-work, Mike and I went to a “private” screening of Earth. I say “private” because we were the only people in the theatre – although that wasn’t intentional. It was just us and the animals. And they were amazing.  It was also what – somehow and initially against my wishes – breathed life back into the notion of travelling on our honeymoon to Tanzania this August (instead of in February). It is truly incredible how the genesis of an idea can continue to be re-born again….and again… So we are going….to Tanzania…this August.

I will give you a moment to pick your jaw up from the floor before continuing…

  • You might have thought – with the need to turn up the volume on the trip planning – that is all I would be doing. You are so wrong. Saturday was the inaugural GiveADamn Day hosted by United Way’s GenNext . I spent the middle of the day at Good Neighbours Club preparing a meal, meeting the club members and chatting about food with Chef Lawrence.  More on this here.
  • Finally, we began this week with a rare opportunity. The sLab or Strategic Innovation Lab at the Ontario College of Art & Design hosted Abigail Disney and screened her film Pray the Devil Back to Hell. It is about an extraordinary group of courageous women who served as the catalyst for peace in Liberia. The film itself was excellent but the story was truly extraordinary.

So with that big brain dump, what’s left to talk about? Hmmm… a lot. But that will come in the next post. I have hatched a little plan that for the time being will be known as Project Tanzania 2009.  Coming soon.


One thought on “Try to keep up

  1. I like the Project Tanzania – i think we should also put (wedding-unlike traditional bridal or Jack and Jill) somewhere in this title…for the invitations.

    love mom

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