Orientation Guide

Busy, busy, busy… I have only a smidgen of time for a post.

Here are some good news items that surfaced end of last and early this week…

  • I am an e-mentor for Sprout – an e-course for emerging social  entrepreneurs. This wonderful initiative is brought to us by the great people at TakingITGlobal.  Looking forward to the orientation this week and then meeting the participants!
  • I have been working my butt off to get reports written and finished. The good news part is that soon it will be over….until next month.
  • There is a high probability that I will finally be travelling to beautiful Churchill this summer. Yay Churchill!
  • I got a call about visiting Miriamu in Tanzania. It looks like things are falling into place and I am so moved by the wonderful people at World Vision (Chantal and Diane) who are trying to make this happen. I am hatching a pretty fantastic little plan for a personalized gift to Miriamu’s schoolmates. In addition to items that they need such as school supplies, I am thinking about including something that tells each of them how awesome they are. I wonder what that might look like… 😉
  • Women’s Enterprise Centre in Winnipeg has approached me about submitting a proposal to deliver my Change the World at Work (or some variation of this) workshop as part of their fall series.
  • My darling friend Donna offered last week to throw a shower for me in the late fall in Toronto. I am so incredibly touched by her gesture. I was equally relieved when she completely understood that I am not a terribly traditional gal. I have never had much interest in receiving toasters and linens as gifts. I think she liked Mike and my idea of contributing something to Miriamu’s community and inviting our family and friends to help us do that.
  • I found some delectable vegan bakeries like Sweets from the Earth, Lollicakes and Veg Cakes in the “area” that could be perfect candidates for wedding cake or cupcakes. I was losing sleep over this…
  • My friend Jennifer and I met up on Saturday night at the Distillery District to celebrate her upcoming birthday. I finally got to present her with her “you are awesome” poster. We chatted about everything under the sun including some exciting possibilities – one of which might just have something to do with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. We shall see…

I am out of time. It’s back to work I go!


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