Yesterday’s recap: My camera battery was charging most of yesterday so sadly not much to share on the photo front. Khorie and I walked in the rain to Bloor West Village. It was necessary to get out of the house. Too sleepy and gloomy. At least outside, we were breathing in fresh air and working our hearts. Once we arrived at Bark & Fitz – soaked – I discovered they did NOT have the treats in stock that they had claimed would be in a week and half ago. It would seem that the Toronto distributor of Buddy Biscuits Peanut Butter Madness Soft & Chewy Treats has not been meeting demand for this product since last December. Every store I go into has this product on back order. The real bummer was the sales associate at Bark & Fitz who told me the treats would be in stock last week never qualified this information. She made it sound like it was a sure thing. Which it wasn’t. I still ended up buying something there for the dogs since I was running out of time and we had made the trip. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have given how the sales associate I was dealing with was treating me. It would seem that if you rely on information provided by Bark & Fitz staff, it is your fault if you show up to be disappointed. Not a glowing recommendation for the company. At any rate, for our trouble, we treated ourselves to some Starbucks down the street.  

Back to today:  I got up with the sun. And by sun, I mean cloudy overcast grey sky. Yes we are on DAY 3 of this crappy weather. And I have totally had it! I come from the Land of Sun. What do you want from me?

Khorie is leaving for Winnipeg this afternoon and I have nearly 4 days of work to catch up on. Lucky me. I am looking forward to getting back into a routine. Running. Eating wholesome food. Yoga. Reading. Making money. Saving money. Long 3-hour walks on SUNNY sunday afternoons. Maybe that seems boring but I don’t care.

I am feeling a need to tighten my belt these days. I happened to catch Suze Orman on Oprah the other day. I was totally amazed at how in the hole people are. 225 people who comprised the on-set audience for the show collectively owed $2.3 million in consumer debt.  One poor woman – an accountant, no less – had 23 credit cards and owed $79,000. Holy smokes. What got me is that the gravity of the situation and this woman’s reality only set in after 23 credit cards and $79,000 of debt. Really? Come on. I feel badly for this woman but I don’t claim to understand how she got there. I guess I would rather be cheap than in credit card debt. That being said, I do have student debt to pay down and I am really determined to get this monkey off my back within the next two years. Every couple of months I need to remind myself to go back to cutting my spending.

So I have decided to take Suze Orman’s pledge.

  1. Do not spend any money for one whole day.
  2. Do not use your credit card for one whole week.
  3. Do not dine out for one full month.

On a sweeter note, I am totally in love with the dog from Pixar’s new movie Up. Check out the preview here and have a happy FRIDAY!


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