Fude (pronounced food) happens to be the name of a restaurant in Winnipeg that my brother greatly dislikes. We ate there once as an attempt to try something different and since then the reference has become a bit of an inside joke.

Yesterday’s recap:  Yesterday was full of food. Khorie made a great big pizza in preparation for our gathering with the Foderick family. He had yet to meet Mike’s mom so we all got together at the apartment to hang out and celebrate his 20th birthday (coming up on Sunday). The cake was courtesy of Queen of Tarts.



Back to today: It is raining cats and dogs….again. Mike and I had a nice walk through the rain last night but there is only so much of it I can stand. Since we have no choice, Khorie and I are heading out to walk through Bloor West Village and to pick up some doggie treats at Bark & Fitz.

A little later on we will be visiting with my aunt, uncle and cousin down in Little Portugal. That will be really nice since I haven’t seen them in about a year despite living 20 minutes away. I am really looking forward to it!


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