Being a Woman Artist

Yesterday’s recap: Khorie and I spent the evening walking through Liberty Village with a stop in at Starbucks and some quick shopping at West Elm. I got the BEST deal on towels! So we got to upgrade our bathroom decor.

Towels & Mat in Rust

 After an even longer walk through West Queen West, we had worked up an appetite. Dinner was on me  – at The Gladstone. My brother had the Sesame Chicken Salad and I finally got to bite into a yummy veggie BURGER with fries. Oh I so love carbs!


Back to today: After an early morning appointment with my dietician, Khorie met up with me at the Art Gallery of Ontario. We checked out the contemporary gallery in which one of my all time favourite feminist artworks is displayed (the advantages of being a woman artist). I actually bought a small replica of it when I visited the Tate Modern in London.

Aphrodisiac Jacket

There was a new exhibit at the AGO on Surrealism which I discovered I absolutely LOVE. My favourite item is Salvador Dali’s Aphrodisiac Jacket (shown above). I never thought much of surrealism or that I would be intrigued by it but this exhibit changed my mind. I only wish I had gone to the Dali Universe when I was in London.  Oh well next time.


We grabbed a bite at East and then headed off to City Hall – for the 25cent tour. Mike showed us around and took us into Council Chambers for a photo op.


The day ended with homemade Thai fried rice, banana bread and kitten pile. Carol is fostering 10 little wee kittens for Abbey Cats – an animal rescue organization. She is awaiting their adoption but meanwhile, we got to play with them. They are super CUTE.


My favourite one is Big Hair. That’s what I call him.

More good things to come tomorrow…


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