This morning I woke up to find a little teeny tiny green sprout protruding from the surface of eco coir in what I hope will soon be my little tuscan container garden. I inevitably experience those few moments of doubt, every time I plant something from scratch, where I wonder – “Am I actually capable of growing something?” I am never totally confident in my green thumb until I see proof of life. And there it is! Grow my little sprout. Grow.

Yesterday’s recap: It was an exhausting day of cleaning top to bottom and moving around furniture. I was trying to get everything set up for my brother’s arrival (and truthfully, give the house a really thorough cleaning since the cleaning person that Mike hired to rid the house of 5 weeks worth of dust and dirt did a pretty lousy job.)

Back to today: Khorie and I had a wonderful Sunday brunch. Home brewed coffee, fresh croissants from Mabel’s Bakery, a friatta (for him), scrambled tofu (for me) and a big juicy orange. Now we are off to the Toronto waterfront to see what we will see. Armed with our cameras, of course. 🙂


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