(Butterfly Wheel Card by The Regional Assembly of Text)

Yesterday’s recap: I am still undecided as to how yesterday went. There were both high and low points to the day and I am not sure if there was a net gain. But I am optimistic. So here’s hoping.

LOW POINT: I had a somewhat challenging meeting which I had hoped would finalize a project that I have been working on for the past month and a half. It was strange too. It all seemed to fall apart in the last 15 minutes. If I were to step back from it and put it in Deep Democracy terms – I would have to say that what happened is the “NO” (which was circulating under the water for most of the meeting) finally surfaced. It was that very “NO” that I did not search for during the previous 1 hour and a half (I should really know better by now). The “NO” that I was afraid to find. But it found me and in the worst way, caught me off guard. I expect that when someone presents the “NO”, they will also present an alternative or an example that illustrates the direction they wish to head. In the absence of an alternative, the onus is then placed on me to come up with a new option – which may or may not meet everyone’s needs. And so we could end up going around and around – repeating this process – with no end in sight. It’s ok though because I have some sense of how to proceed. Most importantly, I now know that I must clarify the boundaries within which I will continue to work on this project.

HIGH POINT: I met up with Mike for a late lunch date. At first he wanted to eat at the City Hall cafe but my silent pout and stellar wardrobe was enough to change his mind. He acquiesced and so we went to Mercatto instead. Spending lazy mornings cuddled up in bed, hanging out on the couch sipping home brewed coffee, afternoon lunch dates, 3-hour walks down to the waterfront or through Bloor West Village – these are all reasons I moved to Toronto. I wanted to be with the one I love. The one who gives me butterflies…still. So it was perfect that yesterday I got to do just that. And I vow to do more of that.

Back to today: I am staring at my to-do list and trying to mentally select priority items to get accomplished today. If I can get four projects checked off then it will substantially reduce my work load. That’s what I like to see. I have planned something fun for today. Planting.


I have already started with my little Tuscan garden. I picked up a kit with heirloom seeds that will grow into san mareno tomatoes, italian basil and chili peppers. I am already salivating. The seeds are still in the process of germinating but I can’t wait! The next garden to plant will be a container garden on the balcony complete with dahlias, ivy, lily-of-the-valley, bun moss, violas, bacopa and pansies. Then I have mystery seeds to plant from my plantable 2008 calendar. And to string up our little paper lantern lights.


Our next planting adventure will hopefully be the front yard. My wish has been granted. We are pulling out the ugly, useless grass and beautifying our ghetto-looking yard with ground cover and crawling plants. I am coming up with a plan to include plants that will attract many, many pretty butterflies. I have got my gardening gloves and I am ready to go.


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