Blisfully full

 CN Tower from Grace St & College St

 Long Weekend recap:  Back in TO. I made a vow to NOT work this weekend. Generally I would look at a long weekend as an amazing opportunity to get ahead on work. The reality is that it would mostly allow me to catch up. (Getting ahead is never somehow in the cards for me.) But this time, I didn’t do ANY work. It was a WORK-FREE ZONE. Instead I doodled. I dawdled. I daydreamed.

Mike and I walked around the city. To Little Italy. An attempt to grab a bite at Kalendar turned into a couple of celebrity sightings. A bearded Ivan Sergei was standing right outside the restaurant. And Serena Ryder passed us on College Street as we were walking to Vivoli – where we eventually ate.

Then we walked all the way to U of T campus.




And into the Annex.  My ‘hood. We snapped photos of ivy crawling up buildings and various landscaped gardens. Research for our own bare brick walls and sad-looking front yard.




We walked through High Park to Bloor. Had a bite to eat at Dr. Generosity’s. Then to Keele. Then to Dundas West. Then down Roncesvalles.

We moved furniture. Fought with ants. Discussed plants for our container garden coming soon to a balcony near us. Dried towels. Opened presents. Put up curtains. Ate popcorn and croissants – not at the same time. And had a blissfully full and very relaxing LONG WEEKEND.


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