Say YES to Monday


Yesterday’s recap: Mother’s Day was really lovely. We had dinner with my grandma. She is truly amazing – nearly 80 years old and yet she looks like she has barely aged a day. Somebody found the fountain of youth, I think.

This is a photo of her and I many, many years ago.

Photos with Grandma

My brother, Khorie and I baked a chocolate-strawberry cake for dessert – which fell apart when I tried to flip it over. Best of all, we made plans for Khorie to come visit me in Toronto after the May long weekend. I will not be going to NYC as I had planned.

Back to today: This week is all about YES. We are starting the week off with some Deep Democracy, invoicing (because I have to get paid!) and website updates. But there’s more. The remainder of the week will be dedicated to two other projects – the Partnership and a Journeyman Case Study that I have to write a report about. And saying YES!

Off I go to say YES to Monday!


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