Mamma Mia


Happy Moms Day to all the mothers out there! This is the first mother’s day in about a decade that I have been able to spend with my mom.

Even though I was her first born, she had already raised three other children by the time she had become my mom. Her three youngest brothers grew from little humans to full-grown adults, eventually with their own families, under her care.

We go together like PEAS and CARROTS – just as it was always meant to be. Since I was a horror of a child for the first 6 months of my life, it’s a wonder she doesn’t hold it against me. But that’s not her way. She put up with 48 hours of labour with me and my determination to arrive on my due date and not a moment sooner. She rocked me endlessly during six months of colic doubtless wondering if there was a light at the end of the tunnel. She was patient with me even though I only slept two hours a day (between 2pm and 4pm). But she had finally had enough by the time I was three. I became a broken record always asking “Mommy what’s next?” My constant demands for new and exciting activities had sufficiently driven her “crazy”. UH OH. She had created a little monster. 

Photo with Mom

Most of my understanding of the world has been facilitated by my mom. My drive, intensity and determination can easily be attributed to her. She is the HEROINE in my life’s story. The MATRIARCH of the family. The LEADER of the pack. She is the one who helps us help ourselves to find our own voice.

In 2007 when my mom was celebrating her 8th year of business, I was starting my first. And so this became “our” story.

To Change the World Forever and Ever

This June, as part of their national conference, my mom will be honoured by the Certified Institute of Management with a P.R.I.M.E Award. The Professional Recognition for Innovation & Management Excellence (PRIME) Award will be given to Eddie Calisto-Tavares for outstanding performance, leadership, and  inspiration to immigrants, women and small business owners in enabling them to discover and achieve excellence in their lives. Congratulations mom!

And thank you for being the GREATEST mom, the BEST friend and most INSPIRING role model any daughter could ever ask for.


One thought on “Mamma Mia

  1. Thank you sweetheart…having you and your brother are truly the greastest accomplishments of my life; of course I began practicing being a mother iwth Manny, Luis and Charlie. Practice makes perferct:-)

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