(Alphabet print from J.Hill Designs)

Yesterday’s recap: I tried to rev up my energy to get work done yesterday morning but allowed myself to get side-tracked by somebody else’s poor attitude. Once that improved, I actually got something accomplished. Thank goodness.

Before I knew it, I was off for lunch with Sanela. It was supposed to take place at Pane e Vino but since that closed down last summer (oops!), we opted instead for the very open Oui Bistro. It was nice to have some one-on-one time with Sanela.

I killed my work to-do list once I got back to the office. Kudos to me! The evening was spent mentally re-configuring my living room furniture and searching for rugs online.

Back to today: I got to enjoy the quiet of the morning. But that doesn’t last long. We are having a Deep Democracy gathering this afternoon and I have plenty to prepare. I got my White & Yellow Belt certificate. So awesome.

Tonight I want to go for a long run and then curl up with a good book and some peppermint tea.


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