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Weekend recap: Yesterday’s post was an aside so I feel like I should share a bit about what really happened this weekend. The major event Saturday was a trip to the Winnipeg Art Gallery. As I had previously mentioned, I was keen to get an eyeful of the Marilyn Monroe exhibit. And I do mean EYEFUL. There are quite a few American pop culture icons from the last 60 years but Marilyn Monroe has got to be one of the most desired and idolized in history. Her image and persona generated new genres of art and film making. I have never before seen so many renderings. The one thing I didn’t get were the art pieces of Mao and Munroe. Maybe someone can fill me in on that.

I had agreed to spend some time with Lucy this weekend. She is a beautiful  grade 7er who also happens to be Musaghi’s daughter – another bright light in the newcomer community. Musaghi represents half of Enviro-Safe Cleaning Worker Cooperative’s leadership team. Back in 2007, I came to hear of Musaghi and Patrick through a contact at SEED Winnipeg. Within weeks, my mom and I had committed to taking on a mentoring relationship with the newly formed social enterprise. Musaghi got in touch with me about spending some time with Lucy who is a total musical STAR. She plays piano, saxophone and sings in a jazz group at school. WOW! It was her first visit ever to the Winnipeg Art Gallery so I was quite honoured to share the experience with her.

The rest of the weekend was a lot of busy work. Emails. Website stuff. Blog stuff. The computer was on pretty much all weekend long (except when I was eating or sleeping). I finally sent off my Deep Democracy evidence exercise to get my White & Yellow Belt certificate. Now I just have to finish up the Green Belt one. This was all perfectly timed because we have a Deep Democracy Open House this week. I ended the weekend by making Berry Muffins for everyone and a little homemade salsa for myself.

Back to today:  So far so good. I am working on developing a few new tools to add to the iNSPiRED PRACTiCE website (and incidentally, my Change the World at Work toolkit). I have two reports to start. Mail to send off. And about 20 emails to draft (Note: This is not a hyperbolic statement. I am TOTALLY serious.)

Oh! AND one more thing – Kiva. Everyone is invited to join the iNSPiRED PRACTiCE team to support entrepreneurs through Kiva’s micro loan program. I guess I should make that 21 emails. 🙂 Click on the pretty KIVA banner on the right or above and get started!


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