Pop culture + corn


Yesterday’s recap:  I had a great morning teaching computer class to a group of participants in the Maple Leaf Foods Job Creation Program. The program is similar to the publicly-recognized Nygard Job Creation Program (that was featured in the Winnipeg Free Press a month ago). I worked with 8 lovely people who are just at the beginning of their education in the wonders (and challenges) of technology.

I had an incredibly long list of items to accomplish and just didn’t feel like doing any of it. But I did. Because that’s how I am.

Back to today:  The morning started off with a trek out to the Mint. Well not exactly – the building behind the Mint. I had an extremely promising meeting with our Health Canada contacts for the Children’s Health & Environment Partnership. We are looking at the possibility of bringing CPCHE back for a Train-the-Trainer workshop in November.

I did a little brain-less work on a home project – to be unveiled shortly. Popped some salty popcorn. Drank about two gallons of water right afterwards. And made plans to go to the Winnipeg Art Gallery this weekend to see the Marilyn Monroe exhibit. I am really looking forward to the WEEKEND.  It’s going to be awesome!


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