Le lapin


Yesterday’s recap: The inaugural Healthy Schools Day in Canada took place yesterday. I started off today with a million things to get done. There was enough swimming around my head – for sure. But by 2pm I had figured out/wrapped up most of that. Fantastic. But then…more stuff got slopped on like suey. And then I got a little overwhelmed by the prospect of going on my honeymoon in four months time (i.e. before the wedding) versus in February 2010 (i.e. after the wedding) as I had thought. It was enough to send me into a bit of frenzy because I haven’t really planned anything yet. So then I went to hide.

Today, today, today: This morning the streetcleaners are out and that couldn’t make me happier. The streets are such a mess that you can barely step out for a few minutes without being attacked by sand and dust. Gross. It will be a huge blessing for the dogs too who are battling allergies due to all the junk in the air. And they can’t stay away from the backyard because we have a whole travelling clan of bunnies hanging out on the property. I think rabbits are a bit of a theme for today.

I touched base with a friend this morning who has been going through some life changes. It never ceases to amaze me at how much of an impact you can have by just picking up the phone and saying “hello”. This is a very good thing. Later, I will be saying hello to two little people named Pilot and Penn. I will also finally get to unload the adorable Ziliotto baby gear I bought in Toronto before I left. Jennifer Ziliotto is a local TO entrepreneur who has translated her love of French, animals and artistry into some pretty adorable clothing for kids and adults alike. We like her especially because she told us that we are “an inspiration”. Jennifer really liked what iNSPiRED PRACTiCE is all about so she gets extra brownie points for having good taste.

I am working hard today on a Toronto project that needs a little fire under it…or me. So just for today, I am shelving my perfectionist tendencies in lieu of a more pragmatic approach I like to call JUST DO IT.


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