Yesterday’s recap: So yesterday was a bit of a half full, half empty day. I got great news about my taxes. A big beautiful refund! But I also got a call from College Saint-Boniface to let me know that the CLIC French language program would not be running my level. Oh boo! I had to squirrel away with a bunch dead-end tasks which was a big old time waster. But the proofs are ready for both the iP and Partnership brochures so that was excellent news. The day closed half full when my mom and I spent the evening at Tiber River for a little R&R. And then I worked and watched The Miracle of Morgan Creek.


Back to today: I discovered Aime and I really LOVE it. Gorgeous right? Today we’ve got all sorts of good stuff. Media release prep. Deep Democracy. A bit of a wardrobe update. Shopping for black drapes.


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