Love your mother


(Necklace by Lisa Hopkins via Etsy)

Yesterday’s recap:  There was no go-slow yesterday. Things started off well with a Partnership meeting and a lot more for my to-do list. That was followed up with a bit of heavy-focus-time and then a conference call about the TIG sponsorship project. Finally, I got some Partnership website updates done and the iP website iNNOVATORS section developed to go up next week. I was pretty tired by the time I got home and traded in a run for watching old 1940’s movies on AMC. I’ve really been getting into that lately. So far I have seen:


Bonjour Tristesse starring Jean Seberg  who is divine. She has an angelic face but plays a really cruel character.


The Women with Norma Schearer, Joan Crawford and the hilarious Rosalind Russell.


My Little Chickadee (I love Mae West!) 

Back to today: Today is Earth Day – which for some means that it is the day to bring out your lonely pair of hemp socks and earth-lovin’ t-shirts. For me, it is like any other day and the efforts I take today should be the rule not the exception. Love your mother. That’s all I can say.

We are planning a Deep Democracy Open House for the first week of May and I have some prep to do for that. But today’s focus really needs to be the Partnership so that I can get the Healthy Schools Day (the inaugural Canadian HSD taking place April 27) media releases out.

I am in for an “Earth Day” treat this evening – a manicure and pedicure at Tiber River. Yippee!


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