Yesterday’s recap:  Sunday was an interesting day. In Toronto it is usually filled with coffee and chilling out, long walks around the neighbourhood, light work, online surfing, movies….that kind of thing. In Winnipeg, Sundays are about renovation projects, networking events, visiting with family, emailing and work.


My mom and I went to the Fort Garry Hotel for Women Business Owners of Manitoba’s Tulips & Tea Charity Fashion Show.  It was a beautiful setting (the Provencher Ballroom) and good food (Vegetable Phyllo Streudel for me) but the event itself was about 3 hours too long.

There were door prizes, silent auction, grand prize auction and live auction. My mom wanted to win the spa getaway package. I cautioned her – the last time she bid on a spa package and incidentally won it, we both ended up at a spa for a 8 hours (a full-day!) BORED out of our minds. Maybe there is something wrong with us but we can only take relaxation in small doses.  At any rate, this time we walked away with a door prize. My mom won a designer pillow and – much to my dad’s dismay – a 1 hour interior decorating consultation. I see another home reno project for Dad in the near future. 

After that we stopped by my uncles’ house to visit Uncle Manny who is recovering from surgery. He was already walking around and feeling better. Now a month later – I finally had the chance to give him and Brad their You Are Awesome posters (pictured above). Very exciting!

The day ended with a bit of an unexpected explosion. But there is always tomorrow to set things right.

Back to today:  A team meeting is on the agenda for today. We have some Deep Democracy brainstorming to do. I also have a hundred other things to do but I am slowly getting things moved from the “to-do” pile to the “completed” pile. All in all – I think I am ahead – not behind.


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