(Photo via Style Me Pretty)

Weekend recap: Well Easter weekend didn’t unravel quite as I had expected. What I had expected was: rock climbing…indian food…smooth wine…hot yoga…cuddling… What I got was: taxes…laundry…tiredness…packing. There were some lovely walks through High Park and Roncesvalles but nothing to really get the juices flowing.

I was jonesing for my movie fix by the time I got on the plane last night. In the 15 minutes of buckling in and taking-off, I read through the Enroute Magazine. In it there was this great article on marathons as an opportunity for sightseeing. I love this idea. And it gives me so many other brilliant ideas too. I think a plan might be TAKING SHAPE.

Back to today: I continue to keep my eyes and ears pealed for good fitness and health tips. After last week’s tell-it-like-it-is meeting with my dietitian, I have RE-SHAPED my fitness regimen, meal plan and attitude. It would seem that my goals are really oriented to more of a “marathon” than a “sprint” so I am trying to think long-term and be more patient. It is great to know that others are noticing changes that are less obvious to me. It can be hard to see the “dramatic” changes when you have experienced them gradually. I have been getting lots of positive comments which is fantastic. But more importantly, I can see myself CHANGING SHAPE. I can feel it. I sense a huge difference in my outlook. I complain less. I smile more. I feel more like myself. And it’s wonderful.

Things are going to be crazy busy this week so we’ll see what happens with my posts….


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