Rage & serenity


Two for the price of one. A birthday post and Heart2Heart post.

Yesterday’s recap:  The day started early. I finally tended to some unfinished business. What a huge weight off! I put on my cute gray dress, black kitten heels and skipped over to a morning meeting. The meeting which was followed by a lunch, was attended by members of the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and the Environment (CPCHE). It was so great – five years later – to see the wonderful people who shaped the Partnership into what it is today. Most of whom have the most brilliant minds which hold bountiful information on the topic of children’s environmental health.

I sped back to meet Melissa for another training session. Running stairs really got my legs burning and my lungs working. I ended my rush-rush work day by snoozing for a half hour in the late afternoon. I was deeply engrossed in my book and then was overcome by sleepiness. A total rarity. Sleeping in the afternoon? Get real.

Then Carol and Peter joined me for a Heart2Heart session. Out of all the paintings that are a part of this project, theirs are the most concrete. Carol created a replica of their serene family cottage located up in the Kawartha lakes. And Peter created a comic-like painting of his rage in relation to superfluous and illegitimate parking tickets. He has a great imagination, doesn’t he?


My painting probably fits somewhere INBETWEEN rage and serenity.

Back to today:  Today I have birthday wishes to share. Some work-related follow-ups to check off my list. Mail to get out the door. Emails to send. A meeting. A training session. A yoga class. And then a good sleep for Friday is a holiday. The rest of the world will be off work. And that will let me catch up.


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