Bon fête


Today is a SPECIAL day. It’s my Dad’s birthday.

There are a great many interests and characteristics that my Dad and I share. We both love to take pictures. I can’t recall a time when a camera or camcorder was NOT glued to my Dad’s eyeball. We also both caught a serious strain of the traveling-bug.  Arguably both of my parents are adventurers but in different ways. My Dad not only likes to explore and travel but he likes to plan trips. And to a lesser degree so do I. 


My Dad has extraordinary patience. With calm, directed energy he was the one to work out a math problem or unzip a stuck zipper when others would have just yanked the whole boot apart. Whatever little patience I have, I got from my Dad. We are notorious perfectionists. This often manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes we procrastinate because of our perfectionism. Sometimes it means we carefully and methodically produce something truly great. And well worth the wait. My Dad doesn’t have a specialty per se – he is more of a renaissance man. This quality is something I have grown to see more in myself – and it really comes in handy – to be good at a great many things (instead of great at just one thing?)


And then there are ways in which my Dad and I are very different. It is often in this difference that I learn the most. Where my Mom taught me to stand tall and speak loud, my Dad has shown me the value of humility. He is rarely, if ever, in a rush. He takes his time. This is a constant lesson for me. Where’s the fire? Really. When he laughs, it is from the inside-out. And quite often at his own jokes. Either way, it is the purest of laughs. He is the most likable person I have ever known. Pretty much anyone who meets him for the first time knows s/he has an instant ally. And that’s a very lucky thing.

Happy Birthday Dad!


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