Yesterday’s recap: We met up with Sanela and Brian at Fresh for lunch. Although we were late due to my poor sense of scheduling (sorry Sanela!), we had a wonderful chat and some yummy food. Vegan. It’s not for everyone but I like it. 🙂


Then we walked over to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). It was the first time I have been since the new addition. Sorry to say but I give it two-thumbs down. Mike and I were talking about it and it is neither aesthetically-pleasing nor functional. The big metal structure that juts out from the original ROM building is just total yuck. Inside there are paths that go to nowhere and the stairs of wonders is NOT so wonderful.

There were some cool exhibits. And some puzzling ones.


What’s with the Tent City exhibit on the 4th floor? It really seemed a more appropriate exhibit for the AGO. Some truly beautiful pieces.


But in a MUSEUM you have to be careful that you are not confusing a “perspective” with a “fact”. Now arguably most of human history is tainted by bias too but in more recent years, museums have become better at presenting info in ways like “it is believed that….” Artistic expression is entirely subjective. I think House Paint is better suited to an art gallery.

We had a hilarious time in the dinosaur exhibit. It was pretty awesome and funny to try and figure out why Tyrannosaurus Rex has extra bones in his lower torso. The Egypt exhibit opened up a whole new world to me. I never knew so much about mummification.


But the minerals and gems exhibit was truly beautiful. Wall to wall to wall sparkling ROCKS.


I think Sanela and Brian enjoyed it too.

Mike and I ROCKED a 40-minute run along the rail path during the evening. I heart running.

Back to today: I was supposed to be off to a morning meeting at TIG but things have been turned upside down due to a pressing issue related to another client. C’est la vie. This afternoon calls for some serious push-yourself-to-a-whole-new-level training with Melissa.

Today I am loving my Heritage O’s made from ancient grains – spelt, quinoa and millet. (Basically a healthier and wheat-free version of cheerios.) And my yellow and pink striped tulips. Total perfection.


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