Serena Ryder


Yesterday’s recap: The rain was lovely. But it made me feel a little stir-crazy. I got a nominal amount of work done. The rain kept going all day long so by evening, I was itching to get out. Mike and I went for a 30 minute run through High Park. I KILLED it. Or it killed me. Inclines. Whoo! Anyway, that was plenty to get me tired and in bed.

Back to today: One of the best things about Toronto is that on any given day there are a million things to do. One of the worst things about Toronto is trying to get them all in on one day. I started the day reasonably early – for a Saturday, that is.

I got in a torrential sweat in the morning. Ninety-minutes of 100 degree celsius yoga. Very good except that I opted for a coffee and missed the first streetcar back. The one I ended up on short-turned. None of this would have been remotely important except that I was supposed to meet Jean, Mike’s mom, at the Storytelling Festival at 1:30pm. Ugh! Walking up Roncesvalles from Queen Street was like crawling up the steepest mountain. My legs were JELLO.

 After a five minute all-in-one shower and lunch, I set off to Wychwood Barns for some story-telling. Unfortunately, lines got crossed and both Jean and I were at the venue but at different times. As disappointing as that was, I did get an extended afternoon to catch my breath.


Then it was time for the incandescent SERENA RYDER. The first time I saw Serena Ryder perform was in July 2004 at The Rivoli. I was with Mike. We were just friends then but it was an incredibly memorable night.


Tonight was even better.


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