WARNING: The violins are coming out.

I am ending my fourth week of training and I am a little frustrated. Things are not moving as quickly as I would like. I am RESULTS-oriented and set high standards for myself. Please don’t misunderstand – I’m not into immediate gratification. I don’t expect something from nothing. I won’t sit on my ass and expect that some minor activity should produce major results. But when you are consistently raising the bar and pushing yourself, you feel like you deserve to see the fruits of your labour. I don’t want to see little kiwis and figs – give me a grapefruit….or better yet, a WATERMELON.

I mean COME ON – I let someone kick my butt three times a week. Plus I work in a hot yoga class (over 600 calories are burned in one 60 minute class) and NOW I am running (or trying to) at least twice a week. AND I don’t eat any complex carbs after 12pm. That means unless I intend to eat pasta for breakfast (which I have yet to be so desperate to do) I don’t eat pasta (at least for the next 8 weeks). All I am asking for is a bigger fruit.

I AM proud of a few things. I have gained some muscle, lost 2% body fat, I am a size down and 5 lbs lighter. But the BEST thing is that I have increased the protein in my diet so much so that I am practically injecting it into my veins. Most days I am ranging between 65 and 75g of protein. Take THAT carnivores! You heard me! 65-75g of protein a day is very impressive for a vegan. VEE-GUN – say it with me folks.

Still – I am waiting for the WATERMELON.


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